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Dangerous “soft on crime” policies have led to an exponential rise in robberies, sexual assaults, and murder in Austin and the surrounding counties. The people of Hays County deserve a District Attorney who will help law enforcement deliver justice by prioritizing public safety, taking drug prosecutions seriously, and permanently eliminating a backlog of pending criminal cases.



Prioritize Public Safety

Just as I have done for more than 35 years, I will fight hard to ensure public safety for the citizens of Hays County, by working closely with state and local law enforcement agencies to reduce violent crime. I will be fair but tough on all violent crime offenders, drug traffickers, and repeat offenders, to tackle the influx of crime from surrounding areas. I am honored to be endorsed by 100 percent of all law enforcement organizations in Hays County, and I will do all that I can to maintain their trust.

Form Anti-Fentanyl Prosecution Team

The fentanyl crisis is killing our children, our neighbors, and our family members. As District Attorney, I will form a special drug prosecution team, specifically trained in all areas relevant to the prosecution of drug offenses, to ensure an expeditious response to the increase in drug-related crime. I will work collaboratively with law enforcement to ensure our neighborhoods are safe, sending a strong message to drug traffickers that peddling drugs in Hays County will not be tolerated. To combat the predatory tactics of drug traffickers on our youth, my DA’s office will be focused on community engagement and providing crucial outreach to all area schools to re-enforce our anti-fentanyl crime message.

Eliminate Backlog of Pending Criminal Cases

The current backlog of pending criminal cases in Hays County is simply unacceptable. I believe that Justice obtained years after the fact is hardly justice at all. Many cases on the docket are as old as 5-6 years. Having led two large prosecuting agencies, comprising more than 155 people, I have the experience to lead the District Attorney's office to establish the policies and procedures needed to eliminate the backlog. Special trial teams, along with additional qualified prosecutors, will be employed to prepare and try those cases as expeditiously as possible. Swift resolution of all cases will always be our primary objective, in order to help victims rebuild their lives.